Tiger Woods Spam


Correo Spam se aprovecha del escándalo de Tiger Woods para «colarse» en los computadores

Cuando se hace clic en un spam, los usuarios identifican sus e-mails como direcciones de trabajo y esto llega a los spammer para generar más correo basura y así sucesivamente. [http://www.elcolombiano.com]

Email Users Handicapped by Tiger Woods Spam

Spammers are teeing up users to fall foul of spam exploiting Tiger’s recent alleged affairs. SPAMfighter, the company backed by the world’s largest spam fighting community, today reports that spam regarding Tiger’s alleged scandalous activity has exploted since news first broke of his unexplained car accident.
«Woods may have announced his «indefinite leave» from the sport this past weekend but as more headlines break regarding Woods’ alleged affairs, Woods-themed spam is not expected to dissapear from email inboxes for sometime,» says Martin Thorborg, SPAMfighter co-founder.
«As tricky Tiger Woods spam will continue to pester people, email users should be cautious never to click on links from email received by unknown senders. We’ve seen spammers looking to entice people with emails promising photos and videos of Woods’ mistresses but a curious click on a link and people could find themselves victims of phishing attempts with their personal information permamently compromised,» states Thorborg.

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