Gotemburgo en 2.º lugar en la lista Top 10 de Lonely Planet

Gotemburgo se ubica como destino turístico asequible

Después de Río es Göteborg el destino más asequible del mundo. Por lo menos si se cree a la famosa editora de guías de viajes Lonely Planet. La guía menciona especialmente Keillers Park y Kvarnbyn en Mölndal como atracciones.

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– Es increíblemente divertido, casi irreal, dice una exuberantemente alegre Camilla Nyhman, CEO de la compañía de eventos y Göteborg och Co.

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Ser rankeada en segundo lugar en la lista de Lonely Planet sobre los lugares más asequibles para viajar es grande.

ramberget keillers park

Lonely Planet es la editora de guías de viajes más grande y actualmente es propiedad de la BBC. Cada año realizan listas Top 10 de países, ciudades, regiones y destinos más asequibles.

B & F - Ramberget

– Nos gustaría matar el mito de que Suecia es caro. Lo encuentramos todo el tiempo cuando estamos fuera. Y por supuesto que Estcolmo es caro, pero Göteborg tiene otros precios, dice Camilla Nyhman. […] [Världens bästa turistmål – Resor – – Göteborgs-Posten]

Rio, Brazil

If you’ve an unfulfilled plan to visit Rio de Janeiro’s beaches and iconic landmarks then this may be the year to do it. After 2013 the big events come thick and fast – the football World Cup in 2014 (also taking place in cities around Brazil), then the Olympic Games in 2016. One thing’s for sure: big-name events bring fresh development, a boost to infrastructure and, in many cases, higher prices for visitors. Come now to see a city in the process of gearing up to welcome the world, but before the costs of doing so rise. Indeed, if you visit during June you can be among the first to check out the recently upgraded Estádio do Maracanã, the world-famous venue that is slated to host not only the World Cup Final in 2014 but also the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics and Paralympics.

Gothenburg, Sweden

There’s good value in Sweden if you know where to look. That said, if you don’t, even popping out for a pizza and beer can make for a pricey night by the standards of your home town. Unless, that is, you’re from Norway. Either way, the savvy traveller makes tracks for Gothenburg. Away from the glitzy main drag Kungsportsavenyn (referred to as Avenyn by everyone) are characterful neighbourhoods (hello, Haga and, a little outside town, Kvarnbyn), cheap eats and some great attractions, including edgy art space Röda Sten and picnic-friendly city views in Keillers Park. If that wasn’t enough, ferries trundling round the beautiful, car-free southern archipelago are a tram ride from the city centre. In short, this is as much Scandinavia as you can get for your money.[Lonely Planet’s best value destinations »/]

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