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Simpson Innovations Inc.

Warren Ave East, Penticton, British Columbia V2A 3M3, CANADA

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The TruckTransformer is a lightweight truck body swapping system designed and patented by Simpson Innovations. Simpson Innovations is a Canadian owned and operated company located in Penticton, British Columbia. Feel free to browse our website and see how the TruckTransformer system can transform your truck. […] []

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Truck Bodies




Hybrid Motorhome

The TruckTransformer allows you to unload your work trucks body on the weekends and transforms into a Hybrid Motorhome. Having your motorhome mounted with the TruckTransformer gives you higher ground clearance allowing you to travel to more places.

The new innovative design enables you to offload the motorhome directly onto the ground!

Load Campers

With the TruckTransformer fork system, you can load any camper directly onto the loading system. With some optional, minor modifications to your camper, you can install extra storage in the standard camper wheel well cutouts. This provides you with extra storage not available with a standard pickup box.

Extra storage can provide larger holding tanks, fuel storage, and room for lawn chairs or simply extra luggage.

Working out of town? Use the extra storing capacity for tools and get that out of town project done while living in the comfort of your camper and save on hotel costs.

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