WJ Motorhomes

WJ Motorhomes


WJ Motorhomes, the biggest motorhome manufacturer in South Africa, and part of Jurgens Ci, has revisited its original inspiration and launched a stunning new WJ Autovilla at the Pretoria Show. WJ Motorhomes was the brainchild of Wildrich Groenewald, a Vereeniging architect, who in 1976 believed people wanted more than the only motorhome then being made in South Africa – the Jurgens Autovilla. Wildrich and his wife Erika took a year to design and build their own motorhome, and reaction to its 1977 launch persuaded the Groenewalds to set up WJ Motorhomes. Now WJ Motorhomes has relaunched the Autovilla, the 2009 version being based on the multi-award-winning VW Transporter T5 single cab. […] [jurgensci.co.za/21.2009_WJ.htm]

WJ autovilla-main WJ Autovilla Exterior 2 WJ-Motorhomes 

Autovilla –  Avalon

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