25820 7th St W, Zimmerman, MN 55398, USA

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We buy, sell, and broker quality Buses, Motor Coaches, Trucks, RV’s and more for sale. Instead of just trying to have the largest amount of vehicles, like other sites, we only offer high-quality vehicles at reasonable prices. With over 30 consecutive years in the Bus, Motor Coach, Truck, and RV Industries we have built up the necessary industry connections to bring you quality vehicles at fair prices.

Although high-quality passenger buses is our specialty, we deal with much more than just buses (as the name suggests). We also buy and sell Trucks of all types including semi trucks, dump trucks, toter trucks to pull RVs, horse, cattle or race trailers, and custom RVs (based on a big truck chassis). If you are looking for a Bus for sale, Truck for sale, RV for sale, or Other Vehicles for sale, you came to the right place.

B peterbuilt-tripple-slide-out

B 2005-Western-Star-Chassis

B Chariot-Dominator-Garage-CS

B drivers-side-of-body

B outside-left-front-body

B Smooth-sides-300-gallons

B williams-custom-truck-rv

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