482 km/h con un Ford 1939

Jet-powered Ford guns for 300 mph

Un hombre de Tejas ha equipado un Ford 1939 con un motor a reacción que él espera hará que vaya a más de 300 mph (482.803 km/h). Apodado el “jet de Hemi,” será ‘encendido’ este fin de semana en el Houston AutoRama. El coche tiene un motor Chrysler, un ‘drivetrain’ Chevrolet y un cuerpo Ford. El dueño Joe Wilkins planea correr con éll algún día en los Bonneville Salt Flats en Utah.[…][Jet-powered Ford guns for 300 mph – CNN.com]

Joe Wilkins knew there was only one way to give his supercharged, alcohol-injected Hemi-engined hot rod more power: Put a jet engine in the trunk.

«It started as a hobby and turned into a monster,» said Joe Wilkins, the motor madman behind what might be the wildest 1939 Ford ever built. He’s an inventor and defense department contractor, and the idea of goosing the Ford’s ability to turn heads and shred tires came when he bought a used gas turbine engine.

«I got hooked on the simplicity and power that this thing produced, and I decided one day I want to put it in a car.»

Luckily for us, he did. The Hemi Jet — Wilkins has copyrighted the name — fires up this weekend at the Houston AutoRama, and Wilkins plans to attempt a land speed record in the near future. […][Jet-powered Ford guns for 300 mph – CNN.com]

The Bonneville Salt Flats | Utah.com

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