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Jacana Motorhomes
118 Manning River Drive, Taree South,  NSW 2430, Australia


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100% Australian owned and operated, Jacana’s production factory is located on the sunny mid north coast of New South Wales. We have been in operation since 1997, creating what most would say are easily Australia’s finest and most luxurious fully custom built motor homes. […]

Jacana has grown and evolved in many exciting ways, and so have our motor homes. We are proud to have kept Jacana at the top of the podium as the best in the industry for so many years. We are also proud to say in 2010 Jacana has released the all new JSV (Jacana Special Vehicles) models to the market. We secured full ADR compliance on these in 2009, and have had a strong response from the public. […]

j RoadBoss-10.5-a Isuzu Jacana 2001 Jacana Mercedes 0303 MOTORHOME 2008 Jacana Off Road MAN based Motorhome

Bus Sales

MunroRyderMidiBoss 8.5MidiBoss 9.2MidiBoss 9.6RoadBoss 10.5RoadBoss 12.2


Drifter 8.5mToorah 9.2mSirius 10.5m

Camper Trailers

Forest RiverWild RiverWhite Water XRocky River MkIIBox Trailer


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