«Das Auto” y otros slogans de marcas de coches

  • ACURA (marca de fábrica del Motor Honda): «La carretera ya no será la misma», “The road will never be the same”, “The True Definition of Luxury”, “Precision Crafted Performance”
  • ALFA ROMEO: ”La meccanica delle emozioni”, “Beauty is not enough”, “Power for your control”, “Power for your control”
  • AUDI: ”Vorsprung Durch Technik”, “Keeping ahead through technology”, “Everyone dreams of an Audi”, «A la vanguardia de la técnica», “Never Follow”
  • BMW: «La mejor máquina de conducir», “The Ultimate Driving Machine”, “Sheer Driving Pleasure”, “The Ultimate Driving Experience”
  • BUICK: “Dream Up”,”It’s All Good”, “Isn’t it time for a real car?”, “The spirit of American style”
  • CADILLAC: “Break through”, “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit”, “Creating a Higher Standard”, “Standard of the World”, “The Penalty of Leadership”
  • CHEVROLET: “Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet”, “The road isn’t built that can make it breathe hard”, “An American Revolution”, “See the USA in your Chevrolet”, “The Heartbeat of America”, “Eye it – try it – buy it!”
  • CHEVY: «Como una roca»
  • CHRYSLER: «Inspiration comes standard”, «Diseño americano, ingeniería alemana» (Crossfire), “Drive & Love”, “Drive = Love”, “Inspiration comes standard”
  • CITROËN: «Just imagine what Citroën can do for you», «Révolutionnaire!» (AX)
  • DODGE: «Todo menos conformista» (Caliber), “Bigger in Texas, Better in Dodge”, “Grab life by the horns”
  • FIAT: “Driven by passion”
  • FORD: ”Go Further”, “Feel the difference”, “Bold moves” (USA), “Built for life in Canada” (Canadá), “Built for the road ahead”, “Designed for living. Engineered to lasT.”, “Have you driven a Ford lately?”, “Built Ford Tough!”, “Everything We Do is Driven By You”, “If you haven’t looked at Ford lately, look again”
  • GM: Find New Roads
  • HONDA: ”Power of Dreams”, “It must be love”, “First man, then machine”,  “Technology you can enjoy”
  • HYUNDAI: “Drive your way”, “Driving is believing”, “Prepare to want one”, “Always There for You”
  • JAGUAR: “Born to perform”, “Unleash a Jaguar”, “Don’t dream it. Drive it!”,”The art of performance”, “Grace…. space… pace”
  • KIA: ”The Power to Surprise”, ”A Different Beat”, “Make every mile count”, “The car that cares”
  • LEXUS: «La búsqueda incansable de la perfección»
  • MAZDA: “Passion for the road”
  • MERCEDES BENZ: ”Das Beste Oder Nichts”, “Unlike any other”, “The Future of the Automobile”, “Engineered to move the human spirit”
  • MG (Morris Garages): «Cuerpo de berlina, corazón de deportivo» (ZT), «Rebelde con causa» (ZR)
  • MITSUBISHI: “Wake up and drive”, “Better built. Better backed”
  • NISSAN: “Built for the Human Race”, “Major motion, from Nissan”, ”Innovation that Excites”,  “Everything you want. Nothing you don’t”, “Just wait you drive it”, “Shift expectations”, “You can with a Nissan”
  • OLDSMOBILE: “This is not your father’s oldsmobile”
  • OPEL: ”Wir Leben Autos”, «Desafía la lógica», «La flexibilidad nunca había sido tan divertida» (Zafira)
  • PEUGEOT: “Live the pleasure”, “The drive of your life”, “The lion goes from strength to strength”
  • PLYMOUTH: “And the Plymouth win-you-over beat goes on”, “The 9 most important words to Plymouth: Satisfy the customer, satisfy the customer, satisfy the customer”
  • PONTIAC: “We are driving excitement”, “Fuel for the Soul”
  • PORSCHE: “There is No Substitute”
  • RENAULT: ”Passion for Life”, «Nuestras familias son iguales a la tuya», «La bella y la bestia», «La nouvelle voiture»
  • ROVER: “A Class Of Its Own”
  • SAAB: ”Find Your Own Road”, «Move your mind», «We Don’t Make Compromises We Make Saabs», «The Most Intelligent Car Ever Built», «Born From Jets», «Welcome To the State of Independence», «People Who Test Drive a Saab Usually Buy One», «It’s what a car should be», «The Well-Built Swede», «The Command Performance Car», «The Economy Car»
  • SKODA: “Simply Clever”, “It’s a Skoda. Honest”
  • SUBARU: “Think. Feel. Drive”, “Driven By What’s Inside”, “When You Get It, You Get It”, “The Beauty of All-Wheel Drive”, «Bienvenido al equilibrio» (Forester), “Inexpensive. And built to stay that way”
  • TOYOTA: ”Today, Tomorrow, Toyota”.  ”Always a Better Way”. “Let´s go places”, «Siempre hay alguien mirando», «The quality attraction«, “Moving forward”, “The best built cars in the world”, “Get the feeling!”,  “Everyday”, “Drive your dreams”, “The car in front is a Toyota”, “I love what you do for me!”, “Who could ask for anything more?”, “Oh, what a feeling!”, “You asked for it! You got it!”, “Your new experience of motoring”, “What will you do with all the money you save?”


Winterkorn estaba al tanto del fraude de emisiones

  • VOLKSWAGEN: ”Fahrvergnügen”, (”El placer de conducir”), ”Das Auto” (El coche) (slogan eliminado después del “Das Abgas-Skandal”/”Das Problem”/“Das Skandal”/“Dieselgate” y rebautizado a simplemente “Volkswagen”…), «Se necesitan conductores»/”Drivers wanted”, “For the love of the car”, “Relieves gas pains”, “Surprisingly ordinary prices”, “It’s not a car, it’s a Volkswagen”, (!), “If only everything in life was as reliable as a Volkswagen” (!)
  • VOLVO: ”Drive Safely”, “Volvo For life”


  Así ve el dibujante alemán Klauss Stuttmann el escándalo de VW. Más caricaturas de Klaus Stuttmann aquí

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