CHALET RV: Folding Trailers – Travel Trailers – Truck Campers

CHALET Folding Trailers - Travel Trailers - Truck Campers

Folding Trailers > LTWAspenAlpineArrowheadChalet XL 1920Chalet XL 1930Chalet XL 1935* – Chalet XL 1936S

Travel Trailers > Takena 2265-EX TrailerTakena 1865-EX TrailerTakena 1860BH TrailerTakena 1860 TrailerTakena 18B Trailer

Truck Campers > Chalet TS116FB CamperChalet DS116FB CamperChalet DS116RB Camper

Chalet RV Models“Spotlight on the Chalet 1935 Camp Trailer

Did you Know? Chalet trailers and truck campers are manufactured in the USA. However, Americans are not the only ones who understand how enjoyable owning a Chalet RV’s really is! Did you know that you can find Chalet RV’s in Australia, Iceland, China, Japan, Canada, Europe, and in the Middle East!? […] [New 2014 Chalet Takena Travel Trailers 2265]

New 2013 Chalet Takena Travel Trailers 1860 BH > MSRP: $23,183 – Sale Price: $18,990 – view pictures and features

New 2014 Chalet Takena Travel Trailers 2265 > MSRP: $26,808 – Sale Price: $23,990



* 2014 Chalet XL 1935 > Price: $25,942.00   >$19,899.00 []

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