William Passman, con el mundo a cuestas

William Passman)))Pic By HotSpot Media - THERE AND BACK AGAIN WORLD TATTOO. In Pic - Bills tattoo after he had visited some more countries, such as Antarctica and a lot of South and Central Africa. - Bill getting the most recent parts of his tattoo, where he coloured in Russia, Finland, Sweden and Estonia, and will start his trip to these countries in September.-One man's project to tattoo every country he's EVER visited onto a world map on his back. Bill has visited more than 70 nations in just seven-years, from a giant red-raw Russia freshly stencilled to the tiny Caribbean island of Antigua are permanently etched onto this committed traveller's back. In this quirky way to record the number of countries he's visited, each place is usually filled in with a colour during or after the trip. The amazing growing tattoo belongs to the proud American owner William 'Bill' Passman, 59, after he retired as a financial planner and decided to get a passport. Bill thought this living map would be a great way to document his travelsâ¿¿.SEE HOTSPOT COPY 0121 551 1004

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