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Range Description:
A euryhaline species (except in Australia where it has only been recorded in freshwater) of the Indo-Pacific region. It has been recorded from southern Africa to Southeast Asia and the Indo-Australian Archipelago including Australia and the Philippines (Fowler 1941, Wallace 1967, Misra 1969, Paxton et al. 1989, Compagno et al. 1989, Last and Stevens 1994, Compagno and Cook 1995a).
Freshwater records of Pristis microdon include rivers of South Africa, in the Shire, Zambezi, Sabie, and Lundi Rivers of Mozambique and Zimbabwe; Ganges and Bramaputra Rivers of India; possibly from the Chaophraya at Nantaburi above Paknam in Thailand; Perak, and possibly the Trembeling and Linggi Rivers in mainland Malaysia; the Kinabatangan and other large rivers in Sabah, Borneo; Grand Lac in Cambodia (Kampuchea); at Lake Naujan, Mindoro Island in the Philippines; Indragiri River near Rengat, Sumatra and Bandjermassing, Borneo in Indonesia; the Fly river system, Sepik and Laloki Rivers, and Lake Murray in Papua-New Guinea; Gilbert, Mitchell, Daly, Victoria, Ord, Fitzroy, Lynd, Walsh, Palmer, and Alligator Rivers, and Teogangini Creek in Australia (Boulenger 1909, Annandale 1909, Fowler 1941, Whitley 1940 and 1945, Smith 1945, Boeseman 1956, Alfred 1962, Stead 1963, Jubb 1967, Munro 1967, Misra 1969, Grant 1972 and 1978, Roberts 1978, Taniuchi 1979, Kottelat 1985, Merrick and Schmida 1984, Taniuchi and Shimizu 1991, Taniuchi et al. 1991, Last and Stevens 1994, Compagno and Cook 1995a, Skelton 2001).

Countries: Australia; Bangladesh; Cambodia; India; Indonesia (Kalimantan, Sumatera); Malaysia (Sabah); Mozambique; Myanmar; Papua New Guinea; Philippines; South Africa; Sri Lanka; Thailand. […] [Pristis microdon – The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species]

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