Prospect Rd – Cowes, Isle Of Wight PO31 7AD, UK

Romahome Ltd are specialists in the manufacture of compact coach-built motor homes, with a manufacturing plant on the Isle of Wight, combined with a specialist dealer network across the UK and Ireland.

Since the first Romahome was built in 1982, Romahome’s philosophy has been to produce motor homes which have the versatility, economy and drivability of a car combined with all the features of a motor home, this is why many of our owners have their Romahome as their only vehicle.

Romahomes have evolved even further on this theme by introducing new models that incorporate four forward facing seats and introducing a low profile motor home, which can be parked in most garages and gain access into multi-storey car parks. The model range now includes the micro 4-berth R40.

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R20 LoR20 HiR25R30 – R10

ROM 20 LOROM 20romahR25rom 30romahome-r10




Peugeot Partner Roma Home Duo Plus

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