Pez robot ayudara a biólogos marinos


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FC Robofish – to give it its full name – was developed by the Graduate School of Engineering at Japan’s Osaka City University.
Like the live specimens on which it is based, the robot is unhappy on land. With a little painless buoyancy adjustment however, placed in an experimental tank, the FC Robofish looks as comfortable as, well, a fish in water – which of course is the point.
Professor Wakisaka Tomoyuki is the leader of the project team that has been developing the robotic fish since January 2005. He explains that one of the main objectives of the project is to develop a robot that will be able to observe real fish in their natural habitat.
The project leaders see other possible spin-off applications for the technology in the rescue, therapy and entertainment spheres of the industry. But, for the time being, they are concentrating on developing a robotic fish that they hope will become an invaluable tool for marine biologists.[…][]

GMANews.TV FC Robofish designed to film marine life up close

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