Richard Gere: «Nadie me reconoció porque ni una sola persona me miró a los ojos»

r gere 3«La gente me daba dinero y nadie me reconoció. Pero no me miraban a los ojos. Es interesante seguir la cara que ponen los peatones cuando se acercan a un mendigo»

“In many ways it’s about New York too, and that means it’s about community or lack of community — lack of awareness of the people around you. If we really let him blend into reality, then it becomes about that reality, about the world in which someone like this exists and not just about him. It’s about trying to find a perspective that allows us also to get closer and therefore feel compassion for the character. That’s the strategy.”

r gere«Richard stood there for 40 minutes‎. No one gave him a cent. No one even recognized him,» Moverman said. «And that proved the whole point: The homeless are all around us and we don’t see them.»

“We had to film in the streets, where I couldn’t walk around as Richard Gere. So first, we did a little test. I stood in costume on the corner by a Starbucks and asked for money. Nobody paid any attention to me! Not even people who gave me change made eye contact with me. In 45 minutes I made around two and a half dollars. It’s said that the homeless are invisible to others, but it seems to me that they’re more like black holes—nobody wants to get sucked into their pain and lack of success.”


“Nadie me reconoció porque ninguno me miró a los ojos», contó el actor. Según el director, lo que sucedió durante el rodaje es una muestra perfecta de lo que busca retratar su película, la indiferencia absoluta de la sociedad neoyorquina hacia los indigentes. «Nos hemos acostumbrado a la idea de que estamos en nuestras cápsulas separadas, pero no es verdad», reflexionó Gere, que agregó que se asustó al notar lo rápido que una mente puede deteriorarse en circunstancias como esta.”

“In the time before then, Time Out of Mind uses an excessive amount short scenes that illustrate daily life on the streets to highlight societal indifference towards the homeless.”

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