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Hi-Lo Parts and Service




Update: Hi-Lo Trailer Company has been completely liquidated of all inventory, materials, gigs and tools.

Hi-Lo Trailer Parts & Service: My name is Joel and I was formally the plant manager at Hi-Lo. I bought the entire remaining inventory pertaining to the materials used in old and new Hi-Lo Trailers.

My goal is to open a parts store online where valuable Hi-Lo owners can view parts and place orders at a secure website. I am working on locating “hard to find” parts as well as stocking parts that tend to wear out.

I am also offering service on all Hi-Lo Trailers. I have acquired all the blueprints, owner’s manuals, cut lists etc.,  and should be able to rebuild your Hi-Lo to its original condition. We can rebuild tops and wall,  inside and out; and replace cables, bulb seal, cabinets, countertop, windows, end caps, etc. We can also rebuild your lift system if needed. […] [hilo-parts.com/hilotrailercompany/Welcome.html]


Hi-Lo Trailer Co. Inc., Belleville, Ohio., a respected long-term player in the RV industry, has closed its doors. […] [rvbusiness.com/2010/07/industry-veteran-hi-lo-trailer-co-closes-up-shop/]


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  1. Hi,

    I need an owner’s manual for a 1989 Hi Lo Fun Chaser. Please let me know if you can help me find one.


    Hi-Lo’s claim to fame was alower profile due to it telescoping down when being towed. But they were as heavy as a conventional TT and also more expensive.
    “In 2011, after 55 years in business, Hi-Lo Trailer Company has ceased production and is in the process of liquidating its assets. Management claims that Hi-Lo — one of only two existing manufacturers of telescoping trailers — is the latest casualty of the Great Recession of 2008-2009. The company drastically reduced its product offerings to only four models for 2010, in the hope that streamlining could keep them afloat, but to no avail.
    We can only speculate that the telescoping trailer design, at a price point higher than that of a conventional trailer of comparable size, lacking slideouts and some of the amenities expected by much of the RVing public, did not find enough favor at a time when consumers were looking for lightweight, but cheap, RVs. Nevertheless, RVCG has always favored the road-hugging telescoping design for its unbeatable safety in towing. That, plus the easy push-button control, unique to Hi-Lo, for raising and lowering the RV made the trailer a good value for the price.”
    “Historically, Hi-Lo provided the original seed for the formation of RV industry giant Thor Industries when the late Wade Thompson and his partner, Peter Orthwein, bought the company in 1977. It was only in 2003 that Thor resold Hi-Lo to its original owners.
    TrailManor, now the only surviving telescoping trailer manufacturer, will undoubtedly benefit from Hi-Lo’s demise. In fact, they recently announced expansion of their dealerships to encompass not only the Midwest and both US coasts, but to international markets in New Zealand and Switzerland as well.
    Nevertheless, those who enjoyed the telescoping trailer type will mourn the passing of the venerable Hi-Lo Trailer Company and its products.” 7-6-2010
    RV Business Article on Hi-Lo’s last gasp!
    All of the assets were sold off then..I don’t know if they will ever come back. [http://www.rv.net/forums/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/26053734/gotomsg/26053823.cfm]




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    Manuals – 1989 & older – RVing-The Midwest Connection

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