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Is RV Manufacturer Extreme RVs Back in Business?

by Anonymous

Has anyone tried to purchase products from Extreme RV? I understand that the company has been renamed Extreme Warrior RV and is selling RV’s again.

ANSWER: Thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

As of today 03/07/2010 I cannot give you a definite answer on the status of RV Manufacturer Extreme RVs. I have spent the last few days trying to determine what is going on with them and here is what I have come up with so far.

They still have two websites on the internet. The first one is Extremrvs.com. This website is active and lists many RV brands such as Sportsmaster, Monterey, Companion, Road Ranger, MegaLite and Extreme.

I have made many attempts over the last few days during normal business hours to call the phone number 208-453-2500 that they have listed as their contact number on the website and all I got was a message «that all circuits were busy and to try again later«. I have yet to get through to this number.

The second website is called Extremewarriorsrvs.com. Immediately when you get to the website you see a headline «The Warriors Are Returning July 2009«.

When you click on their sales and service link it says that they are now an «Authorized Dealer for Extreme RVs, Weekend Warrior Trailers, Rage’n and all of the other brands mentioned on their other website.

When you click on the Sales, Service, Dealer Locater and Specials links on this website all they give you is a phone number to call and an e-mail address. So again I made several attempts during normal business hours to call the listed phone number they had and all you get is an answering machine asking that you leave a message. Over the past several days I have made several attempts to talk to a live person and still got the answering machine.

Several days ago I sent them an e-mail letting them know about the questions I have been receiving about Extreme RVs status. I am still waiting for an answer from them. If I get one, I will add it to this page.

If you want my opinion, it does not seem that they are currently building or selling any of their RV brands and I am keeping them on our RV Manufacturer’s Out of Business page until I get a confirmation from them that they are actively producing and selling RVs.

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