ALASKAN Campers, Inc.

Alaskan Campers, Inc.

420 NE Alaskan Way, Chehalis, WA 98532


This is our original site, not well organized but with a wealth of information

Alaskan Campers, Inc. builds an RV for for all campers a camper known as The Alaskan Pickup Truck Camper the best camper for sale

The Alaskan pickup truck camper RV, sold by Alaskan Campers, Inc. The Alaskan Truck Camper is not the bulky profile of the average pickup truck camper. The original Alaskan camper was designed for campers searching for a camper offering a camper protection from the elements, but had a low compact profile that made traveling easy and remote campsites accessible.
We built a campers truck camper. Alaskan Campers Inc. builds the campers camper. When buying a camper choose the Alaskan Camper RV the original «top up – top down» design, we say, «it raises – it lowers» the top of the camper for safety and comfort.
This is what the true pop up slide-in camper should be, a low traveling profile that does not compromise with canvas side walls.
Americas Best Truck Camper, Alaskan Pickup truck campers do not compromise on quality of material or workmanship, it’s all about camping and truck campers. If you find one for sale, our advice is, «buy it»
”Thats my Alaskan Camper on the back of my orange 73′ Dodge pwr wagon crossing the trinity river in No ca.
Enjoy, thanks for posting, they took down the old AC web site it was on for decades.”  >


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