Horch 853 Sport Cabriolet (1937) a subasta

Un coche de antes de la Segunda Guerra Mundial con extraordinaria historia importado por 18.000 coronas noruegas el 19 de abril de 1937 (mucha ‘pasta’ en aquel tiempo), el Horch 853 Sport Cabriolet llegó al importador noruego de Mercedes Bertel Otto Steen, que a su vez lo entregó el 13 de mayo a Aksel Holm, cónsul alemán en Ålesund. Ha ‘transportado’ a reyes y nazis y ahora se vende(rá) por cientos de miles de euros…

Tiene un kilometraje de poco menos de 20.000 km y está en condiciones muy originales. Pasó la mayor parte de su vida en Noruega, donde fue confiscado y utilizado por la Wehrmacht alemana. Al final de la guerra, fue entregado al príncipe heredero Olaf de Noruega, que usó el coche en el desfile de la victoria por las calles de Trondheim en 1945. Se estima que se venderá por un valor de entre 600.000 y 800.000 euros…

Lot 13 1937 Horch 853 Sport Cabriolet – Artcurial

  • “On 19 April 1937, this Horch 853 Sport Cabriolet arrived in Norway with the Mercedes importer, Bertel Otto Steen, to be delivered on 13 May to Aksel Holm, the German consul based in the coastal town of Ålesund”
  • “Aksel Holm used his Horch in the Ålesund region and occasionally drove to Oslo, and at the start of 1940 the car had covered just 10 000 km.”
  • “Through his position as consul, Aksel Holm enjoyed a special relationship with the occupiers, and was allowed to keep his two cars, the Horch and a Lincoln. This lasted until 1943, when the situation deteriorated with the arrival of a new command. The cars were then requisitioned and the Horch was sent to the air base at Trondheim.”
  • “The Horch would probably have been used by the highest ranking officers, such as General Ernst-August Roth, the last German in charge at Trondheim before he surrendered to the Norwegian forces on 9 June 1945.”
  • “The following day, paying a visit at the time of the liberation, Crown Prince Olaf of Norway used the Horch as a parade car in the victory celebrations. He can be seen in the car, in the company of Colonel Holtermann, in some extraordinary photographs dated 10 June 1945.
  • At this time, we estimate the mileage of the car was around 15 000 km.”
  • “At that time, the car was in good running order and Ola Borge used it occasionally for vintage car outings, having the good sense to keep it in original condition. After he died in 2011, the heirs decided to part with the cars and the Horch 853 found itself in the hands of a German collector based in Gütersloh. He kept it for two years and the car remained in original condition when it was presented at the Retro Classic Show in Stuttgart in March 2015. This was where the current owner discovered it.”
  • Propietarios: Bertel Otto Steen > Aksel Holm > príncipe heredero Olaf de Noruega > Ola Borge > Martin Waltz


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