Hitachi suministrará los ascensores más rápidos del mundo a China

CTFEl increíble ‘tour’ desde el bajo al piso 95 deberá ir en 43 segundos
La empresa japonesa Hitachi comunica que está a punto de suministrar los ascensores más rápidos del mundo – a un rascacielos* en China. Los ascensores, que pueden ir a una velocidad del 72 km/h**, se instalarán en un edificio de 530 metros de altura en Guangzhou, que estará listo el 2016.
Hitachi suministrará 95 ascensores*** al edificio, dos de ellos ultrarápidos****. Otras variantes son ascensores de dos pisos.
Actualmente se encuentra el ascensor más rápido del mundo en Taipei*****, Taiwán. Marcha por la fosa a la estrepitosa velocidad de 60,6 km/h.

“The 1,200 m/min ultra-high-speed elevator that Hitachi will deliver will feature both the drive power needed to attain the world’s fastest speed, and also reliable control capabilities. The elevator will travel a shaft height of 440 meters from the 1st to 95th floor in approximately 43 seconds. Furthermore, Hitachi will achieve both high-speed elevator operation and a safe, comfortable ride by using braking equipment and a governor*3 that safely bring the elevator to a stop, as well as technologies to prevent lateral vibration and to reduce the sensation of ear blockage caused by air pressure differences. Hitachi will install a total of 95 elevators at Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre, consisting of two of the world’s fastest elevators announced today with a speed of 1,200 m/min; 28 double-deck elevators; ultra-high-speed elevators with a speed of 600 meters per minute; and other elevators.” [Hitachi to provide world’s fastest elevator to China – Channel …]

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