Las ciudades mas miserabbles de EEUU



  1. Detroit, Michigan
  2. Flint, Michigan
  3. Rockford, Illinois
  4. Chicago, Illinois
  5. Modesto, California
  6. Vallejo, California
  7. Warren, Michigan
  8. Stockton, California
  9. Lake County, Illinois
  10. New York City, New York

  11. Toledo, Ohio
  12. St. Louis, Missouri
  13. Camden, New Jersey
  14. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  15. Atlantic City, New Jersey
  16. Atlanta, Georgia
  17. Cleveland, Ohio
  18. Poughkeepsie, New York
  19. Gary, Indiana
  20. Youngstown, Ohio

[Fuente: Forbes. Full List: America’s Most Miserable Cities]


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