Casas raras


Hundertwasser Building - Germany

The Waldspirale, or “Forest Spiral”, Darmstadt, Germany –  Friedensreich HundertwasserBauverein Darmstadt

Le Palais Bulles1

Le Palais Bulles

casas raras1toilet house Location Suweon, Korea

? –

s korea

Container City In Londondream-properties-1easydomes1

Container City, London – ?

deschwanden-shoe-repair-bakersfield-california The Deschwanden’s Shoe Repair from Bakersfield California owned by Don Deschwanden was made “like a model airplane is made, with ribs and wire and plaster pushed into it”.casloccccasalooocasas raras

Deschwanden-Shoe-Repair-Bakersfield-California – ?

Erwin Wurm House Attack Viena, AustriaExpo 67, Montreal

Erwin Wurm House Attack Viena, Austria – Expo 67, Montreal

easydomes2Ripley’s Building , Ontario, Canada

? – Ripley’s Building, Ontario, Canada

casaloccasalocaca rarcalocccincinatycas rar

cassloccthe-shoe-house-mpumalanga-south-africaOne Market Square

casa rarcasasrcasrara

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