Restaurantes ‘maestros’ en Madrid

Madrid es mejor conocida por sus restaurantes y bares de tapas. Pero la ciudad está llena de restaurantes clásicos, donde tradición ‘pesa igual de pesado’ que las buenas materias primas y los alimentos cocinados con amor. La autora de este artículo, Elisabet Garcia Dahlbäck, ha seleccionado las adjuntas abajo como entre las mejores ‘obras maestras’ de Madrid. […][]

Restaurante Viridiana
El Panino D’E
Restaurante Casa Paco


Restaurante Botín

Penélope Cruz’s Favorite Resturant In NY & Madrid

Curious about Pe’s favorite New York or Madrid restaurants? Well here is a little excerpt from Blackbook she said at the New York Film Festival premiere of Broken Embraces:

Favorite restaurant in New York?
“Oh, I have many because I love food so much!”

And in Madrid?
“I go to many that are out in the countryside, but whoever goes there for the first time should go to Botin. It’s the oldest restaurant in the world.” What did you like about it? “Everything!” – Penélope Cruz

Pedro Almodovar said NY’s Mr. Chow’s and in Madrid “Casa Lucio is one of my favorites.”

casa lucio2gwyneth_paltrow

Casa Lucio

(El favorito de Penélope Cruz, Gwyneth Paltrow (…/), Paulina Rubio,(, etc., etc.

“Everyone from Ava Gardner, Bill Clinton, Gwyneth Paltrow, Tom Cruise, Penelope Cruz, David Beckham to the King of Spain etc (and of course the many locals) have passed through its doors to experience the typical Madrid institution which is Casa Lucio. If the owner Lucio is in the house, and he usually is, (although lately he hasn’t because he suffered a heart attack) he will come out and speak to the diners, and it is his charm and friendliness that has endeared him to famous and non-famous alike.”[—][…]

El Café Gijón

Restaurante “El Paraguas”
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